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Class Rings
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The Alecto Class Ring - Traditional in Size
Prices starting at $179.00
All Class Rings are sold at discount pricing and include Free Shipping within the USA.
Compare our pricing to Jostens, Herff Jones, and Balfour!
Our customers have said our Gold Lance class ring collection is better priced, and is equal to or better in quality than what is sold at school.
Diamond Date Option

Available with Diamonds in the Zero's. Years 2001 forward.
 (Extra Charge Applies)
Not available with Lazon Metal
Inside Engraving

Up to 18 Characters including spaces. Numbers & Text is ok.
(Free Option)
Use the Main Menu on the left of this page to view the features, options and ordering information.
PRICING for the Alecto High School Class Ring is Shown Below.
1. Bezel Option, choose diamond or cubic zirconia stones around center birthstone
2. Choice of Smooth or Facet Cut Birthstone.
3. Birthstone Option: Encrusting, Protected Emblem, Fireburst, Astralight and Laurel Top.
4. Personal Identifier above left and right side panel design, each side can be personalized differently. You have up to 8 characters and spaces to personalize.
(Click on Stone Choices to view birthstone colors, free stone options and premium stone options)
5. Side Panel Design for left and right side of ring. Different panel designs can be chosen for each side of the ring.
(Click on Side Panel Design to view left and right side design choices)
6. Inside Engraving up to 18 characters and spaces.
The Alecto is available with Diamond or Cubic Zirconia stones around the center birthstone.
Ring Top Bezel Option
Available with Diamond or C.Z.'s
The Gold Lance $10.00 factory online coupon special has already been deducted from our discount pricing below.
Ring Finish Options
Antique Finish

Yellow Lazon
Amber XT

10K and 14K Yellow Gold
Antique Finish

White Lazon
Silver XT

10K and 14K White Gold
Brilliant Finish

Amber XT
10K and 14K Yellow Gold
Brilliant Finish

Silver XT
10K and 14K White Gold